Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How Blessed we are

How Blessed we are

Sitting in the Silence
Listening to the drops of rain
As they fall and wash this Earth
and cleanse this blessed day

I am touched by the recognition
How blessed we are and don’t see
How blessed we truly are
How blessed this life can be

We are touched by the Creations Grace
We are honored to live in this sacred place
We are able to walk on this ancient land
That houses us and feeds us
And brings us such exquisite beauty
so we see how Great is the I am that I am

In this world of polarities
Experiencing Dark and Light
And the shadows that accent existence
of form and what the sun makes so bright

How Blessed we are to be here
How blessed we are in this life
More blessed than we really can recognize
As we run around and live our lives.

So it’s nice to take a moment
Perhaps at the start or end of the day
To say thank you God for giving me life
And for bringing me so many blessings everyday.