Friday, October 31, 2014


There is laughter in the silence
Waiting to be heard
There is a voice that seems to whisper
And speaks without a word

There is a Heart that holds a promise
Made so long ago
And find the power of the One true Love
From which such sweet dreams come from

A smile comes from the soul
And connects with those who see
What our life can unveil
Is truly the greatest mystery

And the past is now a story
And what you choose from it to relate
From your souls perspective
There is a new foundation you can make

You can laugh and hear the truth
Behind time and its mysteries
You can listen closely and hear
The place where boundaries disappear

Every Breathe is a gift
With which we can choose to be
In tune with Spirit as our life force
With endless blessings that it brings

There is a heart that wishes
To find true love somewhere
While life unfolds in every moment
And love is waiting to appear