Monday, November 3, 2014

Golden Dreams

Golden Dream
Of Grace redeemed
Come to my present reality
So I can see

The aura of radiance you bring
With the infinite possibilities
That Lift me up heaven
and shine upon my soul

and peels away the darkness
To allow the true power to be known
through the source of the one light
There are so many levels of reality

As Golden Dreams and awakenings
Come in waves over me
I ride the currents of this space
I dance to the music of the spheres

I kneel before the alter
And ask for the blessings to appear
Grant me the grace to follow
The truth of the Master’s plan

Allow me to see the dreamer
Awakened in fellow humans
Let me reach up to the heavens
And see the Creator’s Face
 and feel the joy to experience
the redemption of His holy embrace

Golden Dreams and awakening
Bring your grace to me
So I may be a messenger
And bridge the place between
Heaven and Earth
God and Man
Form and Spirit combined
Here in this awakening
There is a higher reality to find.