Thursday, November 6, 2014

In the Presence

In the Presence
We are redeemed
In the reservoir of our souls
there is the love that holds the key

Redemption comes in many ways
If we are ready to be changed
Redemption of our life
can come and raise us to be free

In the presence of the master
Our life can begin again
As we find the light within
That allows to finally see

And we ask to be of service
And so much is revealed
The rewards of giving hold such blessings
And the love we need

Seeing life in all the faces
And the suffering they feel
And finding a way to care enough
As we pray for truth to be revealed

In the presence
 we breathe in spirit
so deep into our soul
and follow the teachings given
by the One who leads us to know

How to shine forth God’s presence
And to serve the Masters light
we merge with the love we are given
with the Presence in our way of life