Monday, November 10, 2014

Peace Meditation

Meditation for Peace
  Find a quiet peaceful place where you will not be interrupted. Light a candle.
Sit comfortably with your spine straight.
Relax, and let go of any anger, fear or frustrations.
Breathe in peace. Breathe in God.
Focus only on your breath. Be aware of each breath. As you breathe in say to yourself, I am at Peace. As you breathe out, let the energy of peace fill your body and mind. Take in some deep breaths and let them clear away all thoughts.
Count in to 4 as you breathe in, then hold for 4 counts and then release your breaths to the count of 4, hold the breath out for 4 counts and repeat this for about five minutes. You will find your mind calming down as you do this breathing exercise.
Feel your body relaxing as it fills with peace and all tension slips away.
Let yourself smile and feel the peace of God surrounding you. In this perfect state of peace, you know that all is well. Feel that peace inside.
Now open your heart and let the pure essence of unconditional love come into your heart. When you are ready imagine your Master’s presence with you. I like to call on the Prince of Peace, the Christ. Feel the power of the Master’s great peace. Let that presence fill you with light. Merge with the light and let it bring you to the one universal light of all beings. 
Feel this light freeing you from all worries and cares. Allow yourself to feel the power of love this light holds. This love is so strong that it allows you to forgive any past hurts or disappointments. Breathe this love deep into your heart and soul. See it as a golden light that holds your very spirit. You are illumined with this perfect light and love. The perfect vibration of peace fills your entire being. Now send it out to your loved ones, your family, friends and to all who you know. Then send it out to the whole country and the world. See the world lit by this one perfect light that that dissolves any sense of separation. See this light bringing the gift of peace to the world and dissolving any sense or anger or hatred. Know this light holds the love that is the answer to peace.
Where there was darkness there is there is now the light of peace. Imagine all beings sensing this universal oneness that joins us all together in understanding. Feel the radiance of the perfect energy of peace growing and dissolving any negative energy, till the love that it carries saturates every form of life.
The one vibration of peace now surrounds the Planet. Humankind is being filled with the Love that heals and makes us whole with the power of peace.
As we understand our oneness we see the God within us and the God within beings bringing us all together in peace and love. Now allow the light to come back to your soul. Feel the divine peace it brings.
Send peace to any situation that may need to be resolved, or any person who needs to let go of stress. Ask to be an instrument of Peace. Let that peace prevail in you. Know that you can call on it at any time.
Take some more deep breaths and say Thank you to God for this moment of peace. As you come out of your meditation, notice how your mind is calm and your body is relaxed, restored and refreshed. Carry this feeling of peace with you and know you can return to peace whenever you need to. Know that All is well, all is well, all is well.