Wednesday, November 12, 2014

breathe in Peace

The Dove of Peace comes softly
As  a feather that gently falls
A breath of Peace brings Hope
Breathe that peace in now

Breathe in Peace beloved
Believe in the impossible dream
For when we pray for peace
We begin to sew the long torn seam

See the Vision that humankind has held
There’s reason the world needs to forgive
For one day we will find a way
To understand what the Prince of Peace did give

Breath in the light of the vision
Believe it is possible now
Bring the gift of the choice of peace
Lord please show us how

For it’s time we learned to love
And to see the world as one
To leave behind our hatred
The work for peace so long ago was begun

Believe in peace Beloved
It is alive in our hearts and we know
The Dove dwells in the Olive tree
Prepared for the flight to our souls

See the dove of the angels light
Circle the world with love
Breathe in peace beloved
And let us live together as one