Friday, November 14, 2014

The COurage to choose Peace

Where do you find the courage
To let all the hate and resentment go
To get past the anger and hatred
You must view life from a point in your soul

There past the limitations of the little mind
there is place of forgiveness you find
And a Peace that is  state you can live with
it is there and dwells so deep inside

Find that place of peace within you
Find the power it holds
For peace is the true answer
That holds the keys for the world to know

Past the veils of darkness and illusions
That tear the world apart
Past the that downward spiral you can choose
The path for healing to start

Find the courage to make a difference
Become a part of the peacemakers who pray
To truly make the changes needed
To create a better world that together we can make

Become part of the millions
Who wish to find that place of peace
For the earth and humanity so needs it
we must find the  courage it takes

Find the Place of Peace inside you
That is the best place to start
Find the courage of forgiveness
And open the blocks to your heart

If each of us tries to choose peace
Miracles can happen I know
Let’s all find a place of peace within us
Find the courage to let it shine from our souls