Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lord light the Fire

Lord, light the fire of my soul
to burn with your pure Spirit so I may know
The gift of your presence and amazing Grace
That leads me to see the path to your Holy space

Lord, Let me experience your forgiveness
And the great gift of compassion to be
Able to reveal what I hide in me
that shows up as faults in others I see.

May I learn from this forgiveness
And the mercy that you show
For all of God’s lost children that are blinded
by the direction of the domain of the ego.

Lord light the fire of my spirit
So it may be a torch so Bright
To give me the Vision to know
How to fulfill the purpose of my soul

Let me share your teachings
That you so wisely bring
So that I learn from each day
From the challenges and joy in everything

Let me have a humble heart
So pride does divide me
From those lessons I can learn from
in this Dharma you impart

Lord burn away the veils of illusions
And the darkness of the world
So I can clearly see
the vision so Divine in everything

And Light the way to find the path to thee
with the blessings you bring
Be given back in service to those in need
So I may so your love reach all eventually