Friday, November 21, 2014

Silver path in Iao

Silver magic lights the opening
From the jungle to the cliffs so high
Iao’s trails welcome the rain
Bringing it’s forests such new life

Shining forth upon the leaves
Reflecting on the black lava rocks
waters to the streams
flow to oceans far below

Breathe in the light so bright
And clear the mind to see
The magic of this moment
And it’s brilliant mystery

Sounds of streams rejoicing
With Ripples in the ponds
Green leaves sparkle with Diamonds
That dance like open hands

All of natures celebration
Of life at the end of the day
Silver magic light comes
And washes dreams away

Such a sacred life force
Smiles for us to be
A part of its hidden power
And ancient mysteries

And the silver light shines forth
With aloha that grows and lives
With a joy to just be here now
And share in Maui’s gifts.