Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank You

The Grace of Gratitude

There is a blessing that comes
With a breath of Gratitude
A certain power and a sacred grace
In just stopping and recognizing the good that is present
And you recognize the bounties of this life

You can see how much you’ve been given
to live in a truly heavenly place
to have the gift of paradise
to lift you and hold you in it’s embrace

And we thank the powers that be
And appreciate all those friends in our life
And take a moment to truly see
The miracles that are present which can set us free

so we take a day to say thank you
for the many blessings that we have
so that we can give and share
the grace that we found here.

So count the blessings you’ve been given
And realize how lucky you are
Thank God for your life
And give a nod to your lucky stars

Feel the grace of gratitude
And focus on the good in your life
Be oh so thankful for your loved ones
Who are there through the darkest nights.

Take some time to say thank you
To God and those in your life
And show your appreciation
With the grace of gratitude blessed light.