Saturday, November 29, 2014

Loves healing light Meditation

Love’s healing Light meditation

Sit in your sacred space
Light a candle
Align the spine.
Breathe in Love, release stress,
Breathe in the golden light of Christ’s Love
Release any concerns or fears

Ask for the Christ’s or your master’s Presence to come to you.
If you have a picture of the master on your alter imagine the living energy of the Christ or your Master is alive beyond just the image and the that the living Master is sitting there in front of you.

Feel the Master’s presence of Love and light. Feel your energy merge with it.
Place your left had over your heart
Say Love, Love, Love.
See radiant rays of beautiful light igniting the jewel of a emerald spiraling into your heart.
Now reach out your right hand offering it to the Master him to take.
Feel your hands feel with transforming light. Feel the master take your hand
And know that his pure unconditional love is there for you.
Now bring you right hand over the left had that is on your heart,
Allow the healing power of love to reach deep into your heart.
Feel it activate the heart Chakra. The Emerald is now charged with the living light of God. Feel the emerald begin to spin in a clockwise motion just like a prayer wheel.
Now see this energy of the Master alive in you and imagine a flow of energy flowing in lines of a infinity or circle eight going from you to encircle the Master and tehn low back along the infinity lines to you.
Feel yourself embraced by this flowing power of infinite love. It clears away any past hurts or disappointments..
Breathe this love in and feel your self, recharged, renewed and revitalized.
Give great thanks to the Master. Know that this holy energy is alive in you to use and share in your life.