Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crown of Ascension meditation

Sit in your sacred space
Light a candle
Align the spine.
Breathe in Love, release stress,
Breathe in the golden light of the Master’s Love
Release any concerns or fears

Ask for the Christ’s or your Master’s Presence to come to you.
If you have a picture of the master on your alter imagine the living energy of the Christ or your Master is alive beyond just the image and the that the living Master is sitting there in front of you.

See a Golden sacred Crown placed upon your head. It is the Crown of Ascension.
You are now going to activate this crown as you bring living jewel like light to each Chakra .
As you bring the Jewels of each Chakra to the living light of God see the Crown on your head lit with these precious gems of light.
Start with the root or base chakra.
Say OM, Om, Om as you say om visualize the master’s energy activating a precious pure red ruby at the base of your spine. Allow the energy and light to spin this ruby of light. And as it spins it clears away any frozen or crystallized energy. See the fire of brilliant red alive and healing any ancient pain.
As the Ruby red flame burns see the energy rise up the kundalini to the crown on your head. And see the crown now lit with the ascended energy of the red ruby.
The red ruby glows with a higher light
Now go to the second chakra and ask for the masters light to come an bring a beautiful carnelian gem of light to this chakra. This Carnelian gem has the power to clear any old feelings of anger, resentment or pain stored in the pelvic  and navel area.
Breathe in unconditional love. Place both hands facing in a triangle with thumbs over the navel and fingertips facing root and genital area.
Say LOVE, Love, Love.  Forgive any  past feelings and see the Carnelian stone lit with a brilliant living energy. Say hum, hum, hum as in whom. See a brilliant fire light the gem stone as it spins and clears away any issues or old chains that need to be freed.
As the energy is lit with the radiant pure orange red light. Breathe in deep to the second chakra and feel the energy rise up the spine to the Crown on your head.
The Crown now has a precious Carnelian gemstone glowing forth.
Now focus your attention on the third chakra just above the navel.
Ask for the Masters living light to come to this chakra with a precious amber of gold.
Place your hands on top of this area each on top of the other an dsay HU, Hu, Hu, with a sound of You. See the wisdom of brilliant God’s universal mind energy come into the third chakra. Realize you have the power to activate this energy in your own mind
Breathe in deep and see the  golden light spin and cleanse any issues with confidence or power. And as you Breathe deep bring energy to the third chakra to the Crown on your head. And a beautiful amber gem is brought to light there.

Next place your hands over your heart. See a radiant emerald jewel there.
Ask for the living light of God’s Love to activate this emerald.
Let the emerald come alive to the sound of AH, AH , AH.See the emerald spin and clear any blocks to love. Breathe in love and let the energy in your heart rise to you crown and then an emerald is placed in the crown and glows with a precious light.

Focus on your throat chakra and place your hands circling your throat. See a sapphire of radiant blue there. Say A< A< A and feel the Sapphire spin with the fire of creative energy and inspiration. Any blocks or doubts as the source of all inspiration is cleared as the gem spins. Now breathe in deep and see the living light of the this sapphire rising up to your crown on your head. It shines with a beautiful glow of blue on your crown.

Lastly focus your energy on your third eye. Place your fingertips upward with fingers meeting at the third eye. See a gorgeous amethyst radiating with a violet light. Say EEEE. EEEE. EEE. A living light of fire lights up the third eye. The Amethyst
Spins and clears away any fog or blocks to seeing the inner flame of the soul’s light.
Let a deep breathe come into the third eye energy. And see the amethyst rise up to the crown on the head.

The crown is now glowing with a the radiant gems of  the Ruby, Carnelian, Amber, emerald, and amethyst. The crown is now filled and activated to clear the Crown chakra. And a radiant light glow forth from it.
With a breath focus your energy to the crown chakra and see the crown raised to the soul and then see the holy spirit’s energy transforming the crown wit it’s holy power.

The crown is now place back upon your head.
And you say thank You God.