Monday, December 1, 2014

The Miracle of Christmas

There is a certain magic we find
That happens when we believe
There is a blessed gift
 that this Christmas can bring

There is a brave heart opening
After years of being closed
If we can let the magic in
It will show us how miracles unfold

There is a certain magic
That comes a Christmas time
I see it in the hearts light
That sparkles with the good that shines

Be open to the miracles
That comes if we can just believe
Be open to the joy of this season
For this is the magic Christmas brings

Sweet smiles of kindness can be seen
When you donate to the ones in need
Or give the gift to the angel trees
Or offer some change to those bells that ring

Be open to the miracles
For there is a certain joy that comes
When you hear those Christmas songs
Take a moment to believe and just sing along

So sweet the blessings and the light
That we see when friends all join
and take time from there busy schedules
to share their gifts of love

There is a certain magic
That comes at this time of year
It seems that heaven touches earth
As we celebrate the saviours birth.

So be open to the Magic
That comes at Christmas time
Be open to the miracles
In the spirit of this time divine