Tuesday, December 2, 2014

May you find Peace this Christmas

May you find Peace at Christmas time
In that place deep in your soul
May it take you past the stress
To see the bigger picture for you to know

May you find the true meaning
And what is the this celebrations theme
May you find the Light of the Heavenly star
Shine upon your hearts true dreams

May you find Peace and understanding
And the purpose of why the Master was born
To come and bring us an example
Of how love can live in human form

May you find Peace this Christmas
For He was the Prince of Peace
And he brought about great miracles
By sharing his forgiveness so we can be released

Call upon the Master
And sing forth your gratefulness and praise
Celebrate the blessings
That his life did make

And smile upon your friends
And offer up good cheer
May you find Peace this Christmas
For the world is in such need of Peace to be here.