Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mary really Knew

The Song Asks is Mary really Knew
That her child would be our savior
And I believe she saw what she must do
this was her gift to help save us
And her life was dedicated to the truth

For She was the one who was Beloved
By God and so she found
We can have a Union with the Highest
And Bring forth the Christ in a body of man

For the Angel Spoke to Mary
And She answered the inner call
She offered up her life to God
And blessed us forever with that love for all

Yes Mary really knew
The life she brought forth was a Master
And she served that purpose all her life
Mary really knew his life would be an offering
To be sacrificed to save us evermore

For she was lifted up to Heaven
And She brought the love she had back to Earth
And she stayed in the shadows and the background
While the men saw not her worth

Mary is the Queen of all the Angels
And she Heals and brings Miracles forth
She works now with the Lord
And still endlessly does serve

Yes, Mary really knew
And this is her humble power
She is the Beloved of God it’s true
And We thank Mary for her Courage
And the gifts she still brings forth to me and you