Monday, December 22, 2014

Reach so high

Reach so High

Reach high into the Heavens
Reach so deep into your dreams
Find the one blessed Presence
That transforms your very being

Find the Strength to see the truth
And find the love to heal
Reach so deep into the heart of Hearts
And find what will be revealed

From the roots of what has been
And what has brought you to this place
To in- vision what shall come to be
You can create the very essence of what you need

Let yourself stand naked
Allow your soul to be free
Bring in the courage and find the power
to receive the Strength you need

You are safe and protected
You are here to grow
All will be revealed
And you will be blessed to know

It is time to release any hurt and pain
It is time to be reborn
So dig deep into your heart and soul
And let the past just go

From the roots the tree of life will grow
And blossoms come in Spring
Love will feed the Flowers
The new life is sure to bring

Your heart’s dreams will come to fruition
Let love guide you every day
Believe and it will be so
It’s waiting there for you to find the way

So Reach up to the heavens
And Touch the highest star
Look into your heart and soul
And let God’s blessings now unfold