Saturday, December 20, 2014


Somehow the Spirit finds a way
Through the darkness in the world today
To touch our hearts and bless us
And reach us everyday

Somehow this spark ignites
The flame inside to burn so Bright
And bring us to the place to see
 The inspiration of creations energy

And you are touched by this amazing grace
And you find the power to be
Able to serve your purpose
And fulfill your destiny

It is a Miracle you know
And you still have hard time to believe
That somehow this grace finds us
And has power if we just can be
Able learn to accept it
and to find a way to see
that these blessings that are given
are there if we are open to receive

Somehow we find just a moment
And we find the time to say
Thank you God for this Spirit
That guides us on our way.

At the heart of there is this hope
And the faith to see us through
Behind it all is the Love
That somehow reaches me and you