Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Gift the Holy Mother Brings

Be Transformed by understanding
the gift  that the Holy Mother brings
For life is truly a miracle
With the God’s power of love that heals

Her grace is alive and waiting
As a blessing for you to find
Each breath holds the power of giving life
With a love that is waiting inside

Breathe in this breath of love
this Spirit is alive in you
Feel the living light of God
And the love which is so true

Feel spirit and form merging
tap into that power to be
transformed by the Holy Mother
and her magnificent energy

Open up your heart and soul
Open up your mind
Let your body receive the healing
That is from such Love divine

You are a living force of energy
That can bless and serve the Lord
you can be transformed by the Miracle
and your greater purpose he Adores

You can understand
The holy gift of compassion for all
The Holy Mother is there to help us
She can open up heavens doors

And she has brought us miracles
And she holds out her Hand
We can reach and take it
And let her guide us to understand

Ask for her Holy Guidance
And allow her presence to come
She is the Queen of Angels
And blesses us always with her Love