Thursday, February 5, 2015

If I could Fly

If I could find the wings to Fly
On spirits back into the light
And find the source of creation
Into the ring so infinitely Bright

If I could hold my Chalice up
To the love that is Divine
And bring the nectar of heaven
Back to the earth to sip that elixir to find

A way to share the bliss
And a way to share the love
And pour forth all the secrets
of the spirit of carried by the holy dove

SO long have I sought the bliss given
And the solace of the holy ones
And now it is time to give away
All that was given from God’s love

The Living Light of Christ
The energy of creations Mind
Is alive within all souls
To help fulfill the plan divine

If I were to walk the path
Of the Masters way
And try to fill the teachings
Given to share

Would the chalice always be filled
On the road so long we follow
And would if overcome the darkness here

If I were to fly to the source
Would I stay there in the love Divine
Or come back to Earth to serve
And share God’s gifts with others to find.