Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deep in the heart of you

Where’s that love
That’s hidden in the heart of you
That secret part
That holds the clues

Is there some hidden need
That keeps you searching
hoping to be set free
By the deepest love you try to feel

we spend our time
Working to pay the bills each day
Losing memories and hope
As time keeps slipping away

So do you ever stop and wonder
at the end of the day
in the secret part of you
Where’s the place in your heart that’s really true

Does it reveal itself in so many little ways
Clues to find to lead you straight
To be touched by compassion and pray

To let life take you and strip you bare
Let it reach you deep in there
To that place within the heart of you
That let you feel what’s really true

Where is that love
That you really need
That God has given to share with you
That’s hidden deep in the heart of you.

Do you ever stop and cry
And wonder why this life is so hard for some
And how they even survive
Do you stop and even wonder Why?

Could it be they hold the clues
To find that love that’s hidden in the heart of you