Saturday, February 14, 2015


Be Love

Be Love,
For there is a Love that is alive in Your Heart and Soul
Yearning to be recognized, Waiting to be seen, and Shared.
It is a Love that burns with an eternal flame,
It is there alive in the God Self within you
And it is there that you will find me
And the power to love, to understand and to forgive.

Be Love,
And let that love accept the good in the world and in you.
For this is the true nature of your being and who you are
And the good at work in you,
And it is at the core of what you seek and what you do.

Be present in this love
Breathe it deeply into your being
Feel it, accept and Merge with it
find me there alive in that love.

For this love allows you to release yourself
From the proving, and improving and competing
That would separate you and keep you from believing
That you are worthy of the love that I offer
The Love that I am, and you seek to be,
 For I ask only that you Be love, and so receive Love

And when you receive love you can share it
And so find a way your heart and soul
Can forgive yourself and others,
And see the presence of love in each soul
Just waiting to receive love, this precious gift of love
Love The God self, and so love God and your self
For this is the love that lives within the heart of all creation
And it will lead us out of darkness to light,
And it will bring the blessings of God’s goodness into being
When you just be love, beloved