Sunday, February 15, 2015

Birthday poem

A New Moon shines outside my window
Before the break of Dawn
On this my birthday
The numbers are 2/15 2015 today

And I have some time to ponder upon
My life and what has come and gone
And this moment that is now
That always comes and then slips away
As I try to hold on to what is it I know
And do not know

I long for some revelation
I yearn for my soul
To lift my up to that bliss
That I was given so long ago

And though I know there is this illusion
And life is just a dream
There seems to be so much more to do
Before it’s time for me to go

And new moon is moving across the morning sky
Could I reach out and catch it
And make a wish on it
Ah, but I know the answer
And it’s not possible to hold on to the unknown

Could I hold God in a huge hug
And embrace that gift that is there in my soul
Could I blow out all the many candles on my invisible cake
That was not given tor me today

But it’s all okay
A wish is a wish no matter if it’s true
It’s all good in my heart of hearts
as this night fades away
As I sit still in this moment
And take a moment to pray the way that I pray

Yes it’s all good, and it’s all God
and he has touched me In a very special way
And this time and my life here
is ticking moment by moment away

So I Let go and let God, who I love so dearly, Be in Control