Tuesday, February 24, 2015

your connection

If you have lost your connection
And you can’t seem to find your way home
And your gps is not coming through
And you just need some peace of mind

Then bring yourself back to the silence
And let yourself just be
Stop trying to figure it all out
And go into a sacred retreat

Go to the inner silence
And bathe in the stillness within
Place your self in the hands of God
And let the healing begin

If you have lost your connection
And there seems to be so much to do
Know that you can plug into the Source
All Power and Peace within you

There is a sacred sanctuary
You’ll find it in your soul
That still small voice in the silence
Will direct you where to go

You have an inner compass
There is a resource you can find
That is always waiting for you
When you seek it there inside

If your have lost your connection
Just stop and take some time
And take some deep breaths of Light
Connect to the source of Love in the universal mind.