Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When the Clock stops

When the clock stops

There is always a moment
Beyond this time and space
When the clock stops ticking
And we come face to face

With our soul that is always present
And a far greater reality
That we are forever part of
And we reunite with to finally be free

And we return to forever
And we discover the truth that never hides
And the love that is waiting
That cannot be denied

When the clock stops ticking
And we are finally free
Of this form and body
And are embraced by Creations pure being

And the love we have does not die
And we can send that energy there
To be sensed and received by the ones we loved
For in spirit they can always care

So open up your heart
And let yourself see the gifts that they gave us
And be grateful for the blessings of the time
That we can share with memories

When the clock stops ticking
It is never the end
Its just that life eternal
Can not be tracked by mortal men