Thursday, February 26, 2015

What is really Good for us

Do we really know what’s good for us?

Do we really know what is good for us
Or are we drawn by some key words
that push our buttons that are designed
 to make us feel we need to buy what’s there

It sure seems there are always
Some big temptations offered
Designed to engage our ego
and convince our minds

But if we stop and look at the world
We can see a such great imbalance that is here
There are millions barely surviving
And then there is you and I

Can we really understand the way live
Is it possible to really know
How much of our consciousness is engaged
In what we think we know

If we take a few moments
To look at the way we live each day
Do we really know what is good for us
Or are we manipulated by what media may say

Often what may be best for us
May not be bought or sold
For every time we get more
In soon loses interest for us and gets old

If we take some time to stop and be still
And get back to the core values we may begin
to find what is really good for us
Is the inner power of love within

And that love can be given
To those who for who we really care
And we may find what we waste and throw away
Can help others in the world each day

For what is really good for us Is good for others too
So stop and take some time to think
About what is really important
And reset the true values be renewed