Sunday, March 1, 2015


I never knew how to spell his name
Had heard a little about what he was trying to do
Russia is so far away and on the other side
 of whatever world I ever knew

His name was Boris Nemtsov
And he spoke out for truth
And it wasn’t till I heard the lightening strike
That I knew his words struck what was for right

The Thunder roared and woke me up
And the flash of lightening crossed the sky
And I knew his spirit was passing
On towards the other side

How do you speak the truth
And have the courage in face of danger there
And your papers and computer were confiscated
And you said that you had fear
That you felt your life would be taken
For speaking out against the powers there

And the assassin shot you in the back
On the bridge in the dead of night
And they raced off him off in waiting cars
As you died in the cold of Russian winter
In the shadow of the Kremlins lights

And now your voice speaks to me
And I know your name will live on
With the hero’s and the martyrs
Who stand up for freedom’s song

How can the truth be told?
In a country that threatens
Their people’s hearts and souls
With violence and killing without mercy

And still the truth lives in your memory
I know now how to spell your name
 Nemtsov you are a hero and martyr to me
And life should not be taken in vain
Let your spirit live on in Freedoms name