Tuesday, March 3, 2015



      Faith is your Inner Knowing
Shining through the trials in the darkness
    To see you through to the Light

And when the Light can not be seen or felt
We still know with the Core of Our being
                 It is there

In the Passing Dreams of Light and Shadows
       We live and Move
   Yet always the Soul Awaits

    Breath in the Light
Even when you do not see it
    Breath in the Hope
Even when you do not feel it

     Call your Souls name
  And allow your faith to hold you
And lead you to the Awakening Dream
      Of  a New Truth
For I am Here with you always
    Waiting to Comfort you
And to release the Darkness and Fear
    The illusions shall Pass and
the Light Shall Give you Hope and Strength
to Overcome the Challenges that come

  Have Faith in the Outcome
And Let the Faith Lead you on

Let the Light Release the trials
And you can Smile and See the Truth
   That shall set you Free