Saturday, March 7, 2015


what is that part they cannot be embraced
that observes
 that holds back
hidden in secret
that keeps you from trusting
and loving unconditionally

was that heart so corrupted
so rusted and torn
that the word trust has been
scorched and burned

Needing more than you can know
Cause you’ve let all hope dissolve
Until it’s impossible to show

What love might do
What love might say
Until you finally find a way
To get on your knees and pray

Don’t hold back now
Let that fear and judgment go
Don’t hold back my friend
It’s time to trust your life again

Can we even begin
to imagine what that means

God can love us unconditionally
But how can our time worn lives
Ever forgive enough to be free
Of all that baggage and pain
And trust enough to love again

We all want to be loved
For who we really are unconditionally.