Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Feather on the breath of God

As I sit in silence
I hear the Breath of God
I feel the Holy Mother speak
in the call of the holy dove

Touch my heart with Kindness
Let your mercy come to me
Let me listen to your voice
That teaches me of Love so complete

I am a feather carried
Through this space and time
That floats on Spirits breath
With blessings so sublime

Come Now Holy Spirit
Come and be with me
Let your light illuminate
The visions that guide the way to peace

As I sit in wonder
Of how you reach out to me
There are so many miracles
in this world that we can see

Let me see your beauty
Let me be inspired
To breath the living light
With the power of your sacred fire

Come now messengers of the Dawn
Come now disciples of the One
The Queen of Angels watches out
To help God’s work to be done

Thank you for your presence
And the protection that you give
Let me share your blessings
With words that will ever live