Wednesday, March 11, 2015

As we go about our lives
We make choices every day
with so much time lost in illusions
with no direction in what we do or say

and we live and learn by our mistakes
without even knowing the way to take
and still we make these choices
with no focus in our souls

based upon our deepest needs
wanting so to be loved somehow
And then we stop and look within
And pray to God to show

What our purpose is in life
And who can guide us so we can grow
Into what we came here to be
And what is our true destiny

Can we hear the heartbeat of the Lord
Can we be in tune with the love
That is truly is given as ours
And what we so seek and need

There is this spirit that is at work
I feel it reaching out to me
As I choose to merge my soul
with my life  and who I came to be

So long there have been delays
I’m not ever really sure of what I fear
Not sure if I can get past
all of the obstacles I put in the way

I have placed to keep me from facing
And moving on from here
and get past all the secret fears
and get to the choices I can make

to live the life waiting here for me to take
so I promise to myself right now
to live the  purpose I came to create