Friday, March 13, 2015

Release and Let Go

I release and let go
Of the old worn out ways
That were directed by my ego

I give myself over to You
The Queen of Heaven
Who blesses my heart and soul
I ask to be a servant of your sweet love
And act as an instrument
Through which your work
Has the power to restore and renew

There is a greater Power at work here
When I let your grace
Come with and fill me
With your spirit so strong and pure

I release and let go
I let your presence
Guide my soul

It leads me to Heavens Throne
Where God’s Power is in control
With a the energy that is so clear
That you do show
To help us to better do our work here

I have been lost in Illusions
I have been afraid
To give myself totally over
To find the lost trust I need to replace

The past is done and gone
And there is much waiting to now come
To inherit the souls perfect place
And bring forth your sweet love

So I release and let go
And I find the strength
To give up the old attachments
So that I can know

A way to look into your Holy face
with the power of love you show
And to find a way to be
An instrument of your grace