Monday, March 16, 2015

Love your self

love yourself for who you are
love your mind, your body and your soul
love yourself as God loves you
and remember the blocks placed there can be removed
so that you can fulfill your true purpose that you know

you have the power of unlimited love in you
and it will give you the strength if you believe
you can accomplish what ever you choose
you can be whatever you want to be

if you just love yourself beloved one
 love yourself and serve that love to see
you can change your life with this love
you can bring joy to your life and fulfill your destiny

receive the blessings that are waiting
that are there in this very moment right now
love yourself beloved one
love yourself and you’ll see how

This love will change your life
This love will heal your mind
This love is here right now
Breathe it into your heart to find
You can absorb it into each and every cell

Let all the love that you need
Come to you so you can tell
You are perfect in your imperfections
You are the best that you can be

You are unique and one of a kind
believe and you will find
You can love yourself enough to know
you can be who you want to be
release all limitations
This Unconditional love will set you fre