Sunday, March 22, 2015

Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart
and trust it enough to believe
the words that come
will guide you on the path on

Listen to the heartbeat of universe
And let it set your spirit free
Accept the truth and listen to be
The love of the Divine that lives in everything

Listen to the guidance that you hear
let go of your busy mind
And listen to the heart my dear

To return to the love
that will guide you on to find
your purpose and carry one
Return to the heart
to let that love there grow

for love is our true answer
You need to believe
That with this love is the key
to open the door to our true destiny

so listen to the heartbeat
and the sound of light
let that very energy be aligned
With your purpose in life

find you can be one with this energy
That holds the very breath of God
you can allow the Holy Spirit to come
to speak to you so you can be
An instrument o love

That reflects the music that holds
The truth of Gods harmony
And gifts that always come
When you listen to the heartbeat of Creation
You'll be in tune with the rhythm of love

the energy universe
and cosmic mysteries that unfold

the power is waiting there within
listen to the heartbeat of gods love

Listen to sound of life
listen to each breath
and be attuned to the force
that draws us to the light

each and every breath
holds the energy of our being
that is the gift that lives
in the heart beat that he gives

And his disciples are attuned to hear
the anchor that is dedicated
to our soul purpose that appears

listen to the spirit
let that spirit speak
to be a part of God's greater purpose
and the holy energy it reveals

listen to the heartbeat
be the heartbeat of that love
let it guide you every day
deeper and deeper
Until you are the heartbeat of God's love