Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Deliver ME

Deliver Me

Deliver me to the redemption
That is waiting
In the depths of your heart's true love
deliver me to the rebirth
of the purpose for which I come

Let that the crown of heavens glory
come down from above
the halo of the stars
That holds blessings of your holy love

let the circles of eternity
clear the path ahead
deliver me to the glory
of the love that that fed
the hungry, that taught the blind
To see the power of believing
That we can be healed

We can be delivered
And be the way
to serve with compassion and understanding
As we live your live each day

may learn that you thirst
for our love is we thirst for you
to let me learn the power
of the kindness they can
Be delivered by your truth

and be able to live
with the directions
And your guidance and words

deliver me to that life
that you would have me live
to speak your truth
so it will be able to be heard

let me clear the past
And let me start anew
deliver me Holy mother
to the holy spirit that lives in you

let the Holy Spirit
live inside my heart
Let my soul to bring forth
 the blessings that you show

Deliver me to the living light
and let me fully embrace
the perfect energy of living Christ
Let that vision of the sacred place

come and live in me
so I can be delivered to be
a vessel that can see the way
to pour forth all the gifts given
to be used for those  who can believe

So we can come to see
that we can be delivered
to your blessed sanctuary