Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rejoice, Rejoice

Hear the sound of spring 
of the promise of hope that it brings
With a joy of everlasting light
That Christ shines upon everything 

Rejoice, rejoice

It is a brand new day 
embrace the love  that frees you 
the dark dreams are gone away


Release the past and you will find
there is a rebirth that is possible
 that delivers you to your new path
to heaven that you can climb

believe and be renewed 
listen to the calling  and hear
 the sound alive within
With seed that is blossoming there

 Let the spark of joy be alive
See the spirit that is present
In the souls Eternal Life
 listen to its words 
And let your voice be heard 

Rejoice rejoice

A new morning is here right now
And the time has arrived
So do not delay
The Holy Spirit is here today

the spark of love is born again
 in every heart right now
there is a sacred spring that is harkening 
with the new energy that calls

Rejoice rejoice 
Let that Divine love fill your heart
There is a brand new calling 
let it renew you to make a brand new start