Thursday, January 28, 2016

if you Could see the Beauty

if you were to see the beauty
of creations true face
could you reflect this vision
and share the gifts of this place

 such a love is given to us
in which we live and yet never know
the blessings of heaven surround us
if we can just let ourselves go with the flow

if you were a star in the sky
could you shine  forth oh so bright
that you could lead the world
to find a way to their own light 

ah the beauty of the love
that created this sacred place
see the gifts so glorious
that are blessings we can embrace

give thanks for all these blessings
that God has given to you
and try to love as the Creator does
and miracles will happen it's true 

if you could just see the beauty of creation
and life's unfolding mysteries
what a wonderful world it could be 
if you could open your eyes and see