Wednesday, January 27, 2016

when the Holy Mother Speaks

her Voice speaks in colors
rainbows of light that shine
vibrations that bring a heavenly smile
to embrace you with such love divine

the blessed Words of the Holy Mother
whisper to your soul
listen close and you'lll discover
the inner  truth you can uncover

her voice speaks with kindness 
for she  understands 
the ties that bind us
and the darkness that blinds us

breathe deep the compassion
with the fragrance of the spirits actions 
rose petals fall from heavens  mansions
such blessings are the gifts that happen

when the Holy Mother speaks
her messages bring instructions to absorb
they reach deep within  your core
to understand what you are really here for

her voice speaks in rainbows
of such a heavenly light
that opens our hearts 
so we can decide

to follow the path 
so we can become
true disciples of the Holy One
to be delivered  with grace to her son

listen in silence and you will feel 
her love surround you
and your purpose revealed
so you can find that inner peace
When the Holy Mother Speaks