Sunday, February 7, 2016

Beyond the clouds

do the clouds block your view
If all those veils hiding heavens face
that is hidden there in you
Whispering the promise of mystical grace

as time just slips away
leaving us to fade into the sunset 
while somewhere The  world 
spins into a brand new day

and all those people that you knew
all those who shared their smiles with you
all those myriad things you had to do
were just blessings to see you through

 now just out of reach
what was once a welcoming speech
so many comings and goings it seems
were just a part of a this life's dream

you once said you knew
this dream could not hold you
for we always we spoke the truth
Trying to live as masters di
To see beyond the clouds 
That hide the heavens inside you

and we will slip away 
when we stop dreaming and awake
time will catch us in its limited way
And we will see with new eyes one day

here in this moment we reflect
at the memories we made
and the smiles this life gave
that have now slipped away

all the choices that we made
that come right down to now
as you awaken and take a bow
and give thanks to the crowds

How boldly you did survive
With so many words to the wise
but now it's time to say goodbye
To be beyond the clouds in the sky