Friday, February 5, 2016

Beyond gravity

in this endless dream of life
we navigate the voyage
between the soaring of the  soul and the gravity
that we all have come so well to know

and there are so many ways to escape
what the news brings us in this rat race
can we accept our own actuality 
 and this earthly debtor have  to gravity 

while loving the life we lead 
and surviving the pain and grief 
still feeling that inner need 
to see a  new and clearer reality

Theres a compass we can hold
to guide us through the roadblocks 
of the dark night of the soul
to find the path that shows

the way to happiness we can know
and the sweetness that unfolds
when we say yes to all of life
even the secrets hidden in the shadows 

til we grow into just who we really are
here on earth and still wishing on a morning star
a breath of time undefined 
beyond the mind we will find
a love to discover  hidden deep in all mankind