Thursday, February 18, 2016

The holy chalice

clear away those things that block you
and all the things you don't really need
let go of all that baggage
so you can be open to receive

all those old attachments
and things that held you down
all the secret distractions
can be released to find a higher ground

the shimmering light of the sacred one
needs to have a virgin space
to receive the finest nectar
of the mothers holy grace

what is most  important
is not the things you can buy
what you're really searching for 
is the truest love so deep  inside

to receive the blessings
of heavens Queen of angels
you must find a way
to be reborn to gold from earths clay 

there is a holy chalice
waiting for you to find
Si go into the sacred silence
clear the thoughts that block your mind

let the queen of angels come
and feed your hungry soul
drink the sweet sweet nectar
let go and let her blessings be shown

create a holy space to find
a channel to receive the gifts from inside
the holy Mothers grace divine
is the nectar from the holy wine 

let go let go
let Father mother God be in control
go into the silence 
hold the chalice up so high
drink nectar of the holy wine
and receive  the mothers grace divine

And take the gifts you are offered
And share them with those in need
Share the blessings from heaven
With those who are hungry to receive