Friday, February 19, 2016

The song of the holy dove

Holy Dove of the lord
bring the Miracle of love  forth 
let your song bring to life
the inspiration that if the one great light

open up the door
to your hearts vibration so pure
it is there for us to receive
for the grace of mercy is free

holy dove of love inspires
our purpose to receive Gods sacred fire
the holy spirits divine light
brings us gifts to share in our life

we can be in tune to the song
the queen of angels  brings
music of the spheres can be heard
by those who listen the holy word 

it's there in morning star that sings
the sounds the cardinall and dove brings
all messages and words to hear
so listen for the music of the spheres 

if we are just able to receive
this divine love of creations energy
we can be truly be blessed
with the loving grace she does express

we give our lives to serve
the miracle that we observe 
for we can sing along 
of the song of her love's  sweet song