Thursday, March 10, 2016


Dive deep into the secret pools
That hold the secrets of your heart
and feel whatt  is hidden and Free
 it  so you can make a brand new start

Forgiveness holds the key 
And every answer that you need
Forgiveness for what you did
And whatever as happened to you
In this life you chose to live

Dive deep and be immersed 
In what this life's dream has held
 all the hunger and thirst and bitterness, 
any anger and desires you felt

Yes that  candle of heart burnt with such a fire
and those scorched wounds and scars of time
need to find some mercy
And the blessings of love divine

the Mothers embrace surrounds you
Their is nothing  that can touch  you now
Find the courage to release  the past
And any hurt you may have found

Forgive yourself beloved
Believe you have the strength to be
Able to forgive others
And find the mercy sets you free

Stand naked in the light
And see the chance that life gives
When you embrace forgiveness 
You are able to find a new way to live