Saturday, March 12, 2016

Always return to love

when you ask for help
you never know what you might find
know it comes in many disguises
be wise and don't deny its little surprises 

for when you slip and fall
and God offers you a helping hand
stop and take a moment
to be grateful for a greater plan  

and always return to love my friend
always return and you'll find
a smile is a true blessing
and forgiveness can ease your mind

we all are related to the one great source
and there are countless ways we all try
to get to our true power
and live our dream and fly so high

and whatever we wish to make
the fabric of maya weaves away
and sometimes it's a masterpiece 
or just another dream that we can't convey

yet we always return to love 
we seem to need it to survive
all other things life brings
are just grasps to be  recognized 

and if we live with love
it's the greatest gift we can find
to forgive all the little upsets 
and to be glad we are alive 

and so we return to live
with a little more kindness in time
and to let the blessings love 
free us to be at peace with mankind