Sunday, March 13, 2016

precious Golden Flower

precious Golden Flower of Light
come now into my heart
and bring your sacred live forth 
to be awakened into my life

let my believe in the gifts you bring
let my hear the celestial choir that sings
and let my hear your holy word
to know the secrets that you wish to share 

believe in this pure energy
this transforming light of the Christ can be seen
with the power that can set us free
if you just believe 

golden flower of love and light
let your chalice pour forth
your holy water to my soul
to baptize me to transform my life

there is a portal you can  find
that will  swing  open the doors 
to a higher state of mind 
that will bring salvation to humankind

the Earth is in great need right now 
an kindness we can offer helps somehow 
there are so many suffering and in need
that are praying to God to be freed

We can find the golden flower
blossoming with the love 
that will be revealed
if we find the faith to believe

believe in the miracles 
that are happening each day
believe that we are being guided 
by the Mother to able to receive
when we open our heart to believe