Monday, March 14, 2016

Let God and let God be in control

stop and take the time
to go into the light 
and feel the grand perfection
that is at work in all our lives

you may think you have too much to do
you may be overwhelmed 
but if you trust in God 
you'll see there is a higher plan

let all the struggles go
let God be in Control
no more struggles no more care
just feel the love  at work right here

let go, let go 
let God be in control

feel the love of the Mother
come and comfort you
welcome the Holy Spirit
that sparks the fire in the soul so true
feel safe in the arms of the Angels
who are right there to guide your too

open up your heart and feel
the blessings that come each day
know that you are protected 
and loved by The mothers grace

let go let go let God be in control

you are just the instrument 
that plays the divine song 
you are just here to live
 with love no matter what comes along

it's really very simple
and it's oh so nice to know
when you have a little faith
you don't really need to worry so 

just let go and smile a smile
and know that things will be ok
though it's hard to see 
there is a better way

just be a faithful servant
and do your work with love
The Mother will protect you
with blessings from heaven above

so let go let go 
for God is in control