Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You hold the keys

there is a time we can make
to find creations sacred space
and we can commune and be at one
with the divine love of the holy Son

if we have the faith to believe
we can be attuned to be
in the Mothers divine presence
in a sacred field of holy energy

seek to find the door to the her throne
the sacred realm that she holds
and you can be a fertile field 
where she plants the seeds to blossom and grow 

with the blessing of her grace
you can become her offering 
and give the beautiful bouquet 
of her precious flowers away 

 for their a path you can find 
that holds the keys to the higher realms
a space in heaven where you open the door 
and be in her presence you adore 

and this seeds she planted
in your  heart that blossom and grow
there in her heavenly garden 
as an offering from your soul

you can be at one with her presence 
and you can find the keys
 to open up the door if you need 
to commune with her loving energy

faith, forgiveness and understanding
are the keys that you can hold
if you believe you'll find a way 
 to open that door so you can know 

you can be at one
with the presence of the Holy dove
we can use the keys she gives 
to be transformed by her divine love