Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Prayer for forgiveness

a prayer for forgiveness

mother Mary I do pray 
that I can find forgiveness
and release any claims
on any hurt and anger that remains

and may I have the strength to live
with compassion for myself to find 
the keys of forgiveness 
to bring happiness and peace inside

for any strife that I Incurred
for anybody I hurt and pain I caused
that I did not observe
let me ask for forgiveness now lord

I know that we all are one
though we live in a dream 
and cannot see the illusions that separate us
 and we need to awaken to a higher reality 

and so I pray to find a way
to forgive all those mistakes I made
and to forgive any others who I perceive 
who have wounded me in this life too

 help me to find the key
to the gift of  Gods mercy that I need 
so I can be released 
and by the grace of forgiveness be set free