Thursday, March 17, 2016

If you could see

If you could see with the eyes of an angel
Or heAr the songs they sing
If you could fly with their silvered wings 
and soar to heaven and have a better view of everything 

If you Could dwell for a moment in time
In the presence of the higher realms
Beyond this space and time
And be free of a limited mind

You would know how blessed you are
To be here and alive In this space and time
To have the freedom to chose your destiny
If you could  just see all the possibilities

If you could feel all the love and joy
And join with the masters of light 
To remember your purpose 
And the reason came to live this life

Then you could be re-inspired 
And give great thanks to God
For have the chance to be alive
And realize all the opportunities 

That are there just waiting 
To be taken and used
So you can be happy 
If you could just see

So take a moment 
And be grateful today
For all the blessings 
God gives you each day

Look with the eyes of the Angels
To have a better view
Of all the many gifts given to you 
If you could be able to see