Saturday, March 19, 2016

The robe of protection

such magnificent robe of protection 
the blessed Mother wears
placed upon her shoulders by her son 
when she took her place on heavens  throne

and we can wear a heavenly robe
to protect us on the path we go
it carries the energy of the soul
with radiant colors of the rainbow

it can bring us mercy so we can be
able to live with grace and be free
from negative forces and energy
that would block our true destiny

so wear the robe of mercy
wear the robe of light
let it bring you the protection
and mercy in your life

for the path is long 
and we will be tested 
so  we need to be strong
as we follow the christs light

 we can wear the disciples robe
made from the pure energy of our soul
to protect us with love and divine mercy
to help us fulfill our destiny