Monday, March 21, 2016

Behind the Dusguise

what if all of life was just a reflection of God
an infinite amount of ways of Creation disguises 
a role for you to act and play
with others who are on this worldly stage

what if this very moment was an orchestrated 
playing the sounds of the souls vibrations
a sharing of the hearts true plea
to be see  all love as part of the same energy

can you hear the sounds of light
can see creation dancing to heartbeat of life
can you see how you are part 
of the divine orchestration of creation delight

for I am the breath of being
in so many disguises of life
i am the spirit in form
the firmament that shines with  the stars light 

and life is a reflection
a dew drop in which we  can see
the miracle of how much beauty
is present and given for free

what if we are all God in disguise
what if we were to just believe
that we are all part of this dance 
reflecting creations divine energy

can we be honored to be 
a partner kissed by this energy
alive to learn to dance with grace
with all the drama of the human race

so live with the love God's gifts
for each of his children are blessed as his
way to be be able to see
behind the masks to the truth we need